2018: Fearless and Full of Faith

By: Kim Anthony


I have determined that in 2018, I will choose to live my life Fearlessly and Full of Faith.

I will:
Take more risks and spend less time playing it safe.
Activate my belief by taking action.
Live out my dreams instead of just dreaming about them.
Keep persevering, even when obstacles arise.

I will minimize my regrets by:
Making the most of every opportunity presented to me.
Owning my mistakes/failures and learning from them.
Remembering to pray before I leap.
Embracing my God-given identity and design, instead of allowing myself to be defined by my past, other people or my circumstances.

Would any of you like to join me in living, “Fearless and Full of Faith” in 2018? If so, when you choose to do any of the things listed above throughout the year, please post about it and tag me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram: @RealKimAnthony. I would love to celebrate with you and cheer you on! Plus, your posts may encourage others to do the same. We can do this together! #FearlessandFullofFaith

Kim Anthony