Gone But NOT Forgotten

By Kim Anthony

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and many are out shopping, taking advantage of the Black Friday deals. I’ve had people ask me if I’m going shopping today with full expectations of me answering yes…because, I mean, who doesn’t take advantage of Black Friday?


Shopping has never been on my list of favorite things to do, whether it’s for shoes, clothing or other fun items most of us enjoy. I usually only go when I absolutely have to and when I do, I know exactly what I’m looking for and I’m not trying to be distracted by the mannequins in the store window or the sale rack off to the side. Although I admit that sometimes I can’t resist. (Smile)

But my Mom… Now she was a shopper! That woman could go from store to store all day and into the night without coming up for air. And when we were together in my adult years, she would love to take me shopping, whether I needed something or not. I think she was trying to make up for all the times she wasn’t able to buy the things I wanted and the things she wanted me to have when I was a little girl.

As hard as it was for me to let her take me shopping and as much as I fought against it, there was nothing like the smile that brightened her face at the moment I’d finally give in. Blessing me brought her so much joy!

Thanksgiving was hard for me this year...because I miss her. A lot!

I miss her smile, her silliness, her spontaneous outbreaks of dance, her sweet kisses and hugs...

I’ll never get to experience these things again on this side of heaven, which is still hard to believe and fills me with great sadness. Still, I know there will come a day when I’ll see her in heaven and we’ll have an eternity to make up for lost time.

But until that day, I will hold on to the memories, the pictures, and all of the wonderful things that remind me of her; like my eyes, my smile, my silliness, and my spontaneous outbreaks of dance. Ha!

I am my mother’s daughter and I’m reminded of that every time I look in the mirror. I am so grateful that out of all the people in the world, God blessed me to be her only child. An overwhelming joy hits me hard when I think about this!

For all of you who just celebrated Thanksgiving without that special someone you love, my heart aches with you. Yet, I pray that, in your pain, you are still able to be thankful for your loved one and the impact they had and perhaps are still having on your life.

I’m thankful for Sandra Conyers. She was an OVERCOMER and I’m so proud to call her my Mom!

Who are you thankful for?