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Kim Anthony

Unfavorable Odds

Foreword By Tony and Lauren Dungy

Through our involvement with the National Football League, we have gotten to know Kim Anthony quite well, and she is truly a remarkable person. Kim is married to Corwin Anthony, (Former NFL Chaplain and Current Executive Director of Pro Ministries for Athletes In Action). Because the Anthonys were so involved with our players and staff, we’ve attended many NFL events with them over the years—chapel services at Dolphins games, NFL owners meetings, Super Bowl breakfasts, and other events. Our friendship with the Anthonys has grown primarily because of our mutual interests.  Read more...


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This is a story for anyone who feels the hurdles are too high, the valleys too deep. Kim’s journey from the streets of Richmond to the UCLA Hall of Fame will fill you with joy and hope, rooted in the certainty that perseverance is the greatest gift of all.

—Lesley Visser, Sportscaster


Kim Anthony’s book is a moving account of faith, reconciliation, and the power of forgiveness. It is both painful and uplifting—one incredible journey that should not be missed.

—Chris Riley, marriage and family therapist and wife of Hall of Fame Coach Pat Riley


The transparency by which Kim recalls the hardships of her life allows us to experience a spectrum of emotions. It is a truly inspirational story of how faith takes her from abandonment, adversity, and insecurity to forgiveness, love, and purpose.

—Ruth Riley, Olympic gold medalist, WNBA 


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Readers Comments

Kim, Your book really helped me to look on the bright side of things and see that God has a plan that I cannot fathom right now, but it is a plan to prosper me in ways that I cannot even imagine… thank you for sharing your story because it has truly given me hope at the right time, God's time! CP  Read more...

The Inspiration


 In the late 1990’s I was part of a mentoring program USA Gymnastics had begun for the Women’s National Team. Former US National Team members dating as far back as the Olympic Teams from the 1960’s, gathered together to kick off the program’s inaugural year. During our time, a few people were asked to tell about their gymnastics experience. I was the only African-American in the room and was asked to share as well. So, I told them about my career and the struggles I faced, which were quite different from what the others had experienced.  Upon hearing of the very different background I had come from, the entire room stared at me in disbelief. Read more...

The Writing Process

The most difficult part of the writing process for me was getting started. I didn’t how or where to begin. Do I write in chronological order, or do I just type what comes to mind and put it all together at a later date? I tried them both. There was a lot of frustration because I didn’t know how much to include and I had no direction. Then, I came up with the bright idea of writing it as a screenplay. I wrote out individual note cards detailing the most interesting scenes from my life that I thought would play well on camera. In this format, I was unable to include some important elements of my life, so I went back to writing in book form and built the book around my scene cards. Each card ended up becoming a seed that I cultivated until all the “seeds” grew into a book.  Read more... 





"This book will help every reader to recognize that God is working in their life, even when they don’t realize it."


Shaunti Feldhahn
Bestselling Author

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